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Give away a gaming experience – buy a gift card!

A gift card with us is the perfect gift for those who want to surprise loved ones with a different and memorable experience.  
The gift cards are sold at set amounts and are redeemed when booking a gaming experience with us. You can choose to give gift cards for one or more players. The recipient receives a nice gift card as a voucher.  

Call us at 070-595 47 00 for more information and purchase.  

Escape Room in Uppsala

Mint Escape Room is the perfect place for those seeking a unique and exciting experience with friends or colleagues. We offer customized game experiences that challenge and engage, while also promoting teamwork and communication within the group.

Our games are designed to suit all levels of experience and interest, and we are experts at customizing them to fit your specific needs and goals. Our professional and experienced game hosts ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all participants get the most out of the experience. 

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